The Summit

Posted on June 5, 2010


Today I attended the 8th Annual Career and Leadership Summit in Danville, CA.  The speakers were quite inspirational.  Patrick Lencioni discussed finding fulfillment in work.  I liked his management style and how getting to know your employees is key to happy workers.  Amilya Antonetti discussed “The Recipe – How to Overcome Adversity and Lead Your way to Success”.  I learned that such a simple word,  “IF” can hold you back.  My “IF” statement is “If only I got a degree…”  It certainly made me think about how I was holding myself  back just because of my “if” statement.  Parker Barrile discussed LinkedIn and how to master the art of networking.  All in all, the summit was a success. 

Right now I am relaxing before heading to a graduation party.  No plans on staying to long.  I definitely need my rest for tomorrow’s 5k.  So until then….

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